At the COFPAES delegates meeting in Washington, DC in November, there was discussion of the practice of sending subcontract work to off-shore entities. Delegates agreed to explore whether there were homeland security concerns about the practice. It turns out others are concerned about this issue as well. The legislation is pending in state legislatures to address the issue.

In Connecticut, State Senator Joseph Crisco (D) introduced Proposed Senate Bill 644 on January 24. The measure will require that workers on state contracts be American citizens, legal aliens or have some specialty for which such workers cannot be found. It attempts to prohibit companies that receive state contracts from recruiting workers who live outside the United States and are not United States citizens. The proposal can be found here.

Maryland. Delegate Pauline Menes (D) introduced H.B. 176 on January 27, which prohibits a procurement unit from awarding a contract for services to be rendered by a contractor or subcontractor from a site that is located outside the United States. H.B. 176 provides exceptions for services to be rendered for an event or proceeding outside the United States, and when the Board of Public Works gives approval. The bill can be viewed here.

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