Natural Resource Conservation Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has issued a notice that it intends to conduct an OMB Circular A-76 public-private competition for civil engineering technician services, including a variety of services to include “field investigations and topographic surveys, inventories of soils, livestock, water resources, collection of data for planning, design and construction of soil and water conservation practices; these services include surveying (using state of art survey equipment), drafting (using CADD), conducting soils investigations, performing designs of conservation practices, providing construction quality assurance during the construction of these conservation practices; training of other staff and partner agency staff in providing these services to landowners.”

It indicates it will be an A-76 “cost comparison”. The solicitation is not expected until September. The A-76 document is being revised, with the final regulation expected in March. COFPAES is urging the Office of federal procurement policy (OFPP) to include in the revision an accommodation of QBS.

To keep informed of progress on the USDA competition, notify the Contracting Office by email. For information, go to:

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