COFPAES supports authorizing legislation for the FAA that will increase funding for aviation infrastructure programs to ensure that taxpayers receive value based projects from the FAA.

It is important that Congressional leaders ensure protection of the integrity of the Airport and Airways Trust Fund.

The trust fund, collected from passenger taxes, fuel charges and other sources, was intended through the Federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) to be returned to airport authorities to improve airport facilities. COFPAES strongly supports taking the trust fund “off budget” and designating it only for infrastructure directly related to airport facilities.

Passenger Facility Charges (PFC) are most valuable to the larger hub airports, while the AIP is most valuable to smaller and mid-size airports. COFPAES supports reliance on both to support federal airport infrastructure financing.

COFPAES urges the PFC to be subject to the principles of the procurement rules of the Federal Procurement Regulations with respect to procuring engineering services using QBS.

COFPAES recommends that the FY99 FAA Reauthorization Bill include provisions to take the AIP trust fund off budget and consider an increase in the PFC to finance the infrastructure needs of the entire airport system.

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