COFPAES believes that any acceptable alternative project delivery process should contain certain basic elements:

A registered design professional (either in-house or retained) should represent the government throughout the entire project. The design professional, if retained from the private sector, should be selected based on their qualifications and experience according to the requirements of the Brooks Act as amended.

The design professional should prepare the project scope, description, function, standards, design criteria, analyses, reports and cost estimates for the proposed project. A sufficient level of detail should be produced to provide an adequate description of the project scope and level of quality expected by the government agency.

The design-build team must include registered design professionals who are selected based on their qualifications and expertise.

The selection of a design-build team should include two steps. Step one, evaluation of the teams, would be based on the qualifications and experience of the competing teams. Step two would include a detailed evaluation of the proposals from the short-listed teams. The selection of the top design-build team would be based on pre-determined criteria established for the specific project, such as technical expertise, past performance, management capabilities, design quality, approach, schedule and cost.

Federal agencies should fully develop and disclose their overall procurement process and project decision making process, including any special contractual provisions, all totally integrated to allow participants to fully evaluate the costs, benefits, and risk aspects of their participation on individual projects. Those participants selected to submit a detailed proposal should receive a reasonable stipend for their submission. In addition, the selection process should be consistent throughout and applicable to all Federal agencies and departments.

Adopted: 02/02/95

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